Pearson Ham – Our Pricing Values

“Quality is everything. Quality is what gives us satisfaction. Quality is what creates value for our clients. Quality is what creates differentiation”, Tim Ham, CEO.

Pearson Ham – Our Pricing Values


Pearson Ham’s singular objective is to be the best at helping clients create value through pricing.

All that we do whether that be a piece of price elasticity, the process of recruiting someone new, the agenda for the weekly team meeting, or the development of intellectual property is to achieve that end.  The organisation has grown well in the past years in terms of size, revenues and most importantly capabilities.  This reflects the clarity and ambition that we have as well as the energy and sheer hard work of the team.  We have much to feel proud about and even more to achieve.

At Pearson Ham we believe in standards, that it is our skills, energy and the health of the organisation that will enable this strategy and success.  We are quite earnest about helping our clients, finding great satisfaction from delivering high quality work that truly helps our clients to succeed.   Here lies the very heart of our approach and what drives both enjoyment and delivery of our mission.  In the long term there is a delightful alignment between the mission to help clients and our ambition to constantly grow and improve.  Great work delivers satisfied clients, which in turn yields advocacy.

We are not perfect and we have much more to do and learn.  But, we are on an exciting journey, gaining great and consistent feedback from clients and creating much value for the people with whom we work.

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