Our Pricing Consultancy Capabilities

Pearson Ham are pricing specialists. We help our clients be more successful through better pricing and have never failed to improve our clients’ margins, typically by 2 – 5% expressed as a percentage of top line sales.

We help our clients be more successful through better pricing.

We follow a rigorous and proven methodology to help our clients achieve an improved pricing strategy.

We work collaboratively with our clients on a broad range of pricing-related commercial challenges, across a range of sectors, B2C and B2B, and help them find and capitalise on pricing opportunities.

Pricing strategies to help you maximise returns whilst maintaining value for your customers.

We bring the strengths of our processes and methodologies, that have been developed and finessed over time and across many businesses and sectors, to help our client’s find and capture value through improved pricing. Here are some of the opportunities delivered across a wide range of sectors.