What We Offer

We are always interested in meeting potential team members. Joining Pearson Ham is an exceptional opportunity for those who want a career with impact, growth and reward.

What We Offer


Upon joining Pearson Ham, you will immediately be a valued member of the team.  You will have one-to-one training to gain valuable insight into the breadth of our pricing experience, the range of projects, and numerous techniques that we employ.  This will help familiarise you with our ways of working and intellectual property.  You will get into client work quickly that will use your existing skills and interests whilst providing you with immediate client exposure and responsibility.  You will work closely with other analysts and consultants who will be able to support you both professionally and personally.  You should expect to complete your first project having gained a diverse set of technical, pricing specific and general consulting skills.  This will create a solid platform to begin creating your own exceptional career.


“I joined Pearson Ham as a pricing analyst. After my initial induction I was straight in working on live client projects with tight deadlines”.

“I felt that I was a valuable and trusted member of the team since day 1.  I have been given responsibility in a manner that has built my confidence and enabled me to perform at my best”.

“I’m constantly challenged every day and learning from the diverse skills of the team”.

“Working as a Pricing Analyst at Pearson Ham, no day is ever the same”.


Pearson Ham offers elite consultancy services and you will play a key role in helping us to achieve our growth ambitions.  You will help drive day to day performance, capabilities and overall strategic direction in an environment that allows you to perform at your best.  We will listen to you, understand your needs and create a bespoke development plan to ensure we support you in your career goals.  You will have access to a team of seasoned pricing consultants with an impressive range of pricing skills.  We will learn from your previous experiences and share our way of thinking in a manner that is mutually beneficial.  As a collaborative, inquisitive and driven set of individuals, we look to challenge each other to ensure we continue to grow our skills and capabilities.  We will offer you the tools and means to carve out your own lucrative career path and believe this is a key factor that drives our impressive performance.


“I’d had some experience in pricing before I joined, but PH take pricing to a whole new level”.

“What makes this job great is that no two days are alike – each day presents a unique set of challenges”.

“I work closely with clients to understand their challenges and work with my team to determine how best we can help”.

“The satisfaction of knowing we always find ways to improve our clients business performance/profitability through our pricing expertise is really rewarding”.


Pricing can be the quickest way to create or destroy value and getting price strategy right is essential to the performance of any business. Pearson Ham is an award-winning management consultancy (click here to view MCA award article), made up of pricing enthusiasts that help our clients drive long term value and realise their commercial goals through better pricing. Our specialism in pricing gives us a depth of knowledge that sets us apart from our industry peers. We use a wide range of different techniques; and leverage the diverse backgrounds of the team to produce robust results and actionable insights for our clients. We take the view that pricing is not a perfect science, so we take a strongly collaborative style with our clients to blend their market experience with our analytics to guide their decision-making.

Pearson Ham is committed to personal and professional development. We frequently run internal training sessions and actively encourage sharing of knowledge and skills within the team. We also provide opportunities for external learning focussed on your own personal development objectives. As you grow in expertise you will be called upon to disseminate your learning within the Pearson Ham community; our only requirement is that you have an inquisitive nature. We also have an established Culture Club, tasked with ensuring that the office working culture works for everyone, both clients and employees. As a team, we work hard to create a culture of excellence, quality and fun. Maintaining a good work life balance is important to us and while you should expect to be challenged in the office, you will be able to pursue your commitments outside of work. If you thrive in dynamic and entrepreneurial environments there are few consulting firms like ours.