• Software & Saas pricing strategies

    Digital Services for Banks


    This client was scaling up quickly and identified one of the core offerings as a revenue generator and a ‘Trojan Horse’. However, the current price structures were deemed sub-optimal. Our aim was to optimise the pricing model/structures to increase scalability and revenue per customer. The challenge was to create a compelling alternative commercial model that reflects variations in subscribers (size/wants/ budgets) on a tight timescale/budget.


    1. Understand and critique the existing pricing model and pricing structures through access to the product, data review and client calls.
    2. Development of alternative relevant models and scenario modelling.
    3. Iteration of alternative models, alignment with main client contact and pre-scoring using Pearson Ham's frameworks.
    4. Workshop for scoring of alternatives and solution agreement.


    Migration to a ‘Company Versioning’ commercial model by switching denomination (basis for charging) from ‘per user’ to the company and creating tiered product versions from which companies can self-select.