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    This client was challenging the market, willing to accelerate growth and reach a more sustainable level of profitability. Deciding on the right market focus, route-to-market, sales channels and sales organisation could impact the company’s ability to grow and optimise price & margin levels. Several strategies had been tested in the past with mixed results.


    We completed a full review of the commercial strategy. We analysed the accessibility and potential of various market segments, the company’s assets and performances by sales channel and conducted field visits with the sales team to assess practical challenges and opportunities. Our modelling analysis indicated the need to focus on growth and sales efficiency levers. Therefore, we designed alternative sales strategies and operating models as well as a detailed action plan to guide the team in their implementation of improvement levers.


    Formalisation of strategic priorities and new action plans set to help the business increase their sales efficiency and move from slightly negative to a sustainable +5% profitability whilst achieving very high growth.