Market Analyst (Insurance)

Job Title: Market Analyst (Insurance)
Location: London
Salary Range: Competitive with top-tier consultancies


Pearson Ham is an award-winning management consultancy that specialises in pricing.  We aim to help our clients realise their commercial goals in a wide range of markets.  Pricing is a key pillar of business strategy and the value in getting it “right” is often vastly underestimated.  We provide our clients with recommendations that blend our academic insights with their market experience to create comprehensive and practical solutions, generating significant increases in incremental margin.

The work we do is not easy.  We seek to develop frameworks, employ cutting edge techniques and advanced pricing methodologies to truly innovate the industry.  Our end goal is to provide rigour and clarity which helps our clients navigate their way through complex pricing problems.  Each client is unique and requires a personal and collaborative approach if we are to achieve this.

Our team is diverse.  However, we all share the desire to learn, challenge and provide our clients with tailored solutions that really help to improve performance.  This is an opportunity to work with a team of intelligent, focussed and hard-working individuals who are eager to extend and develop current frameworks and processes.  This is an environment that will not only utilise your existing expertise but allow you to flourish further.  Pearson Ham is committed to your personal and professional development.  As a learning organisation, we actively encourage you to develop your interests and disseminate your experience throughout the team.

We endorse a fun and light-hearted atmosphere in the office, and in remote working, and make sure no one is exempt from having a giggle!  We have an eclectic set of personalities and varying interests which allows for interesting discussion both in and out of work.  Genuine friendships contribute to the foundations of who we are as a team and we always look to assist and support each other.

If you thrive in dynamic and entrepreneurial environments there are few consulting firms like ours.


We have developed a market leading price tracking solution for the insurance sector, collating prices for a panel of consumers from several price comparison sites every day.  We use this data to provide reporting and insights to our insurance clients and price comparison partners.  Recent growth in this part of the business has resulted in the need for a full-time market analyst to push our thinking, identify trends and extract value from the data, enrich data with information from other sources, and distil into actionable insights for our clients.

This is an opportunity to lead the development of a cutting edge market insights product, to help shape that product at a formative stage and to push industry standards.  You will drive the analysis, develop statistical models, produce clear insights, and build strong relationships with key stakeholders, inside and outside of the business.

As well as a curious and inquisitive disposition, experience and skill in working with large data sets will be crucial to success in this role, as will a strong focus on detail and accuracy.  You will be a capable communicator, both verbally and in writing, and able to identify key messages and recommendations from large amounts of information.  You’ll need to be a great team player as you’ll be working closely with colleagues within the team, and in client businesses.  The successful candidate will be a valuable member of the team and a “go to” source on market insight and current events in the insurance industry.

The Market Analyst will be mainly responsible for:

  • Reviewing daily, weekly and monthly reports before distribution to our clients
  • Managing client accounts, liaising with clients on specific issues and responding to ad hoc questions
  • Carrying out analysis of motor and home insurance pricing data to identify market trends and movements
  • Conducting specific insurer analyses, including web journey reviews, call centre mystery shopping, financial report review, trade press activity, etc.
  • Updating monthly market price indices for Motor and Home insurance
  • Preparing and presenting client presentations providing insight on Motor and Home insurance pricing
  • Interpreting insurance pricing data and external drivers, to forecast trends in price movements
  • Providing insurance pricing insight to media channels
  • Presenting insurance pricing insight to internal and external stakeholders i.e. participating in client calls and presentations
  • Building and maintaining contacts in the industry, and collating information from key industry participants
  • Delivering continuous improvement in market knowledge
  • Collating data from a variety of sources across market reports, financial results, pricing and promotional activity, product innovations, and digital trends to understand the full and wider picture to help clients optimise commercial planning
  • Undertaking market and competitor analysis to monitor pricing and promotional activities
  • Designing, building and maintaining bespoke dashboards for use by clients, and within the business
  • Manipulating large and disparate data sets, complex statistical modelling


  • 2+ years’ experience in market or customer focussed analytics, ideally with retail or insurance knowledge
  • OR graduate from STEM subject, highly numerically driven – with work experience
  • Excellent analytical, qualitative and quantitative skills, with strong attention to detail
  • Strong communication and presentation skills with a proven ability to quickly build and maintain positive, effective relationships across all levels
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast-paced team environment
  • Self-starter with strong continuous improvement mindset
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, advanced/expert knowledge
  • Advanced working SQL knowledge and experience working with relational databases, query authoring (SQL) as well as working familiarity with a variety of databases


  • Tableau / Power BI or other visualisation tools
  • Statistical modelling and analytics skills
  • Ability manipulating, processing and extracting value from large disconnected datasets is a plus


Demonstrated affinity for Pearson Ham values: Care, Collaboration, Inquisitiveness, Enjoyment